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What i Did

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Brief introduction

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Context & my role

During 2017 & 2018, I worked as UX & UI Designer at BNP Paribas Leasing Solution, where I was responsible for designing a new platform for collaborators and end-user from France and England.

I explored and designed an early stage concept for business customers and led UX research and design working closely with a team of products-owners, business analyst, scrum-master, agile coach, architect and developers. I had an incredible opportunity to tackle a big problem and design a tangible solution for people from France and England, which is now also used in Italy and soon in other countries from Europe.

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Research & observation


Persona Lucy
Persona BobPersona Tim

Lucy is an internal sales who spend a lot of time with documents, emails, phone calls, and need a user-friendly interface to ask for information, documents, signature, etc.

Bob is a sales partner who follow his deals with emails ad phone calls. He needs a platform to have a simple overview of his deals.

Tim is a sales partner who spend most of his time with clients, so he is often on the road. He needs a responsive platform so he can access from his smartphone to check status of his deals quickly.

Customer Journey Map

Thanks to the workshops we did, and also information we gather during face-to-face interview, we were able to sum-up the french journey. Since it was not the same all over Europe, we had to do the same process for United-Kindgom customers and internal sales. So we went in England to do workshops overthere, and we also organised workshops in France. That is how we discovered a new persona on their process: we named him Kors.

Customer Journey Map FR


Here is a workflow to sum up « who has the action? » between the different persona.Associated to each step is the appropriate status.

Customer Journey Map FR

User story map

After the observation & research phase, we started to prioritize. We used the MoSCoW methodology to rank the fonctionalities and epics from 2017 to 2018: must, should, could and won’t. It helped us to create our road map and to communicate to the sponsors and end-users.

Customer Journey Map FR









User stories

Prototyping & test


I designed the new interfaces on Sketch, starting with the dashboard. Quickly I got on Invision to be able to test with end-users on remote and face-to-face. Then I continued with the forms : first to represent the information from the proposal, then to be able to ask exchange documents within the platform, wich was a second feature on our roadmap.

Research on mobile

Current status

The project is still going on with new people on the team and a new country to onboard: Italy. Another designer from Silamir is currently working on another epic according to the roadmap.

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